ALBANY - (AP) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will proposelegislation this week to cap school superintendent's six-figuresalaries as way to save school districts and their taxpayers $15million.

Cuomo tells The Associated Press his cap would be based onstudent enrollment. His bill would provide for a salary of $125,000for the smallest rural districts and up to $175,000 for the largestdistricts, often in wealthier suburbs.

Cuomo's bill would make superintendents subject to the cap oncetheir current contract expires.

Currently, 31 percent of superintendents make more than$179,000, with the highest being the Syosset schools superintendenton Long Island who is paid $386,868. Cuomo's proposal, should it bepassed by the Legislature, could force lower salaries for 319superintendents, nearly half of the top district administrators inthe state.