ALBANY - (AP) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislativeleaders now turn to rank-and-file lawmakers to approve a statebudget deal that leaders struck Sunday.

The tentative $132.5 billion plan would reduce state spending bymore than 2 percent and would address a $10 billion deficit withoutraising taxes or borrowing money.

The Democratic governor's first budget also rejects an Assemblyproposal for a "millionaire's tax" to ease cuts. The plan standsa chance to be finalized by legislators this week, in time for thestart of the state fiscal year Friday.

New York's budget process is being watched nationwide. The statehas the earliest budget deadline in the nation and, like otherstates, is wrestling with deep deficits, weak revenues andunprecedented protests from advocates for the poor and middleclass.

Gov. Cuomo, Legislature agree on tentative budget