NEW YORK - (AP) - Democratic Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo insists he will not raise taxes to cover the state's budget shortfall and will make cuts to health care and education instead.

Cuomo and outgoing Gov. David Paterson spoke to reporters today after their first sit-down meeting since Cuomo defeated Republican Carl Paladino in last week's midterm elections.

During the campaign, Cuomo said he wouldn't raise New York's already-high taxes as governor. He said doing so would thwart job development and drive residents out of the state. He reiterated the point Tuesday, saying even New York's wealthiest residents pay plenty of taxes and might move away if pressed for more.

Paterson said he and Cuomo were friends, despite efforts by Cuomo and his political team to ease Paterson out of the race. To watch the entire news conference, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.