BROOKLYN - Elected officials and families in Brooklyn are demanding more homicide detectives in the borough.

A report from The Daily News recently found that Brooklyn gets fewer detectives to work homicides compared to other boroughs. The Daily News found that Brooklyn North has 2.4 NYPD detectives per murder case and Brooklyn South has 3.2 detectives per murder case, compared to Manhattan South, where they have 15.6 detectives for each murder case.

Councilman Jumaane Williams calls that unacceptable. He says the police department is not solving cases because they're not assigning enough homicide detectives to Brooklyn, and he's urging the new administration to assign more.

"There's nothing you can tell a mother who’s lost a child that can help," Williams said. "The thing to hang onto is getting some kind of justice. I would tell them the police are working on it and giving the best amount of resources they can to solve these murders so there could be some semblance of peace. As I read this article, I was wondering to myself if was I lying to them."

Williams met with high-ranking officials in the NYPD and they assured him they would be looking into detective staffing levels in the most vulnerable precincts.

The NYPD told News 12 they will look at staffing levels throughout all precincts over the next few months.

For news conference on demands for more homicide detectives, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.