BROOKLYN - A day care center remains closed in Brooklyn after videos and allegations of child mistreatment recently surfaced.

The Avalon Childcare Center for kindergarten and pre-K children has been closed for two days after News 12 and the city's Administration for Children's Services received two seemingly alarming videos.  

The first video appears to show a worker grabbing and pulling a student either by the ear or hair. The second video appears to show a different worker pushing the student to the ground.

The center's owner says he's in contact with the Department of Health. He says he's working to set up a hearing with them as soon as possible and hopes that hearing would lead to the center reopening.

News 12 reached out to the city's departments of health and education to see where exactly the kindergarten and pre-K students have been relocated to, and what resources are available to them. A spokesperson from the Department of Health says it is looking into it.