GREENPOINT - Dozens of Greenpoint residents showed up Wednesday night to hear what state officials are doing about the dangerous gases in the air from a decades-old oil spill.

Recent tests revealed high concentrations of chemical vapors beneath the soil in some parts of Greenpoint. The vapors are believed to stem from a 17 million-gallon oil spill discovered in 1978. Now, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is stepping up efforts to make sure residents are safe.

The DEC says testing for gases will be conducted free of charge for homes south of Nassau Avenue and Hausman Street. Those who sign up for the program will have air samples taken from their homes to see if the petroleum products underground are seeping inside. DEC officials are also urging all residents in the area to test the air inside their homes.

To sign up for the program Greenpoint residents can call (888) 459-8667.

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