DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - Officers who questioned parents in the death of their daughter, Nixzmary Brown, took the stand Tuesday in Brooklyn to address whether they read Miranda rights to the couple.

Attorneys for the child?s mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, and stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, say cops sidestepped the law to extract information and didn't read the suspects their Miranda rights. Prosecutors will likely focus on a taped confession by Cesar Rodriguez, rather than how the confession was obtained. The defense wants the judge to throw out the tape.

Authorities say Santiago and Rodriguez left 7-year-old Brown to die in their Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment in January. Medical exams revealed Brown was malnourished, had bruises and was sexually abused. The case prompted the city to revamp the Administration for Children?s Services agency, which failed to follow through when the girl repeatedly missed school.

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