DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - (AP) - Brooklyn jurors are deliberating for a second day at the trial of Nixzaliz Santiago, who is accused of standing by as her husband beat her 7-year-old daughter to death.

Santiago is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in a case that made undernourished, battered Nixzmary Brown a symbol of abuse. The little girl's deathhastened reforms to New York's troubled child welfare system.

On Wednesday, the jurors asked to see evidence including Santiago's videotaped statement to police. On Thursday, they asked the judge to reread four counts against Santiago as they decide her fate.

The defense portrays Santiago as a concerned mother who tried to stop the abuse. Prosecutors say she callously allowed and encouraged it.

Nixzmary's stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez, was convicted of manslaughter. He was found guilty of delivering the fatal blow on Jan. 11, 2006. He is serving 29 years in prison.

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