CYPRESS HILLS - A Brooklyn father who sustained a black eye, cuts and other bruises says he was beaten and wrongfully arrested by police in Cypress Hills.

Witnesses captured the man's arrest on cellphone video. Deshawn Jones, 31, is shown struggling with police outside his mother's home on McKinley Avenue before being taken away in a squad car.

He says he was unexpectedly thrown to the ground as NYPD officers told him that he fit the description of a robbery suspect. He was taken into custody overnight, but the robbery charge was dropped the next day.

A neighbor recorded the encounter. Video shows several officers surrounding Jones as they place him in handcuffs. It appears as though he is resisting, and that officers kick him while on the ground.

"I'm just asking for help so we can put a stop to all of this madness that's going on for me and for anybody else, any other civilian, citizen that's walking the street," Jones says. "They feel they can do this and abuse their privilege as cops."

Jones says he is considering a lawsuit against the NYPD.

Police officials say the incident is under internal review.