BROOKLYN - Defense attorneys for Cesar Rodriguez continued to point the finger at the defendant?s wife, Nixzaliz Santiago, Friday in the trial over the death of 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown.

Rodriguez?s lawyers showed jurors photos of a jar containing a fetus. In testimony, investigators said it was discovered on a bedroom dresser in the Greene Avenue apartment where Nixzmary was found beaten to death two years ago.

According to Rodriguez?s lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz, Santiago suffered a miscarriage several months prior to Nixzmary?s death and blamed her daughter, who he said was a ?difficult child to raise.?

Prosecutors said that the presence of the fetus had no bearing on who murdered Nixzmary.

The pre-trial for Santiago also continued Friday, with her lawyers asking for a postponement because they think the media attention surrounding Rodriguez?s trial could have a negative impact on potential jurors.

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