BROOKLYN - A dialysis center in Park Slope is closing its doors next month, leaving nearly 200 patients with nowhere to go and workers without jobs.

Workers, patients and community activists are calling out the center's owner, Fresenius Medical Care, for shutting down the facility on Sterling Place without public input or considering the needs of patients.

Protesters say the closing of the Brooklyn Kidney Center caught them off guard, and now patients are left scrambling for another place to get dialysis treatment.

News 12 reached out to Fresenius Medical Care, a for-profit medical company. It said the building's owner wants to sell, forcing them to close the Brooklyn Kidney Center in mid-July.

The company has a new state-of-the-art center on Degraw Street slated to open in the fall, but patients say they were supposed to be relocated to that new center years ago.

"The reason that center didn't open is because it did not pass inspection, so it delayed the opening of that location and now the landlord has insisted that Fresenius move these patients out of their building. They want their building back," says Brian Williams, a dialysis patient.

Fresenius Medical Care says it is trying to relocate the patients and workers affected by the closure. Many patients say they will be due for dialysis treatment in the next day or two.