BROOKLYN - A group of disabled Coney Island residents are taking their landlord to court after living without elevator service since Superstorm Sandy struck.

The lack of elevator service has been taking its toll on many of the residents of 2770 33rd St. Many of the disabled people in the building have been struggling to travel to and from their apartments since the devastating storm.

Brooklyn Jubilee and nonprofit legal services in South Brooklyn are teaming up to file a lawsuit on behalf of the tenants against the building's landlord. The organizations say that waiting five months and doing nothing to fix the problem is unconscionable. They are asking a judge to order the building's owner to immediately complete the necessary repairs.

The building's management, Grenadier Realty Corp., tells News 12 Brooklyn that the elevator sustained significant damage from Sandy and that there was no delay in their efforts to restore service. They say the elevator is expected to be back online in a matter of weeks.

Lawyers for the tenants say they are ready to begin their case on April 16 in Brooklyn Housing Court.