BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn man who was convicted in 1985 in the brutal rape of a police officer's wife was released from prison Friday after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime.

Scott Fappiano, 44, served 21 years in prison after he was mistakenly identified as the rapist by the victim in 1983. Fappiano was accused of breaking into a Brooklyn home, tying up a police officer and repeatedly raping his wife. However, blood-typing tests failed to link him with cigarettes and stained clothing left at the scene. Also, the victim?s husband did not pick Fappiano out of a lineup.

Fappiano's attorneys from the Innocence Project says his case highlights the flaws with eyewitness identifications. They also say there are problems with how the NYPD handles and stores crucial evidence. Fappiano is just glad its over and says he is looking forward to freedom.