BROOKLYN - Students are once again reciting the pledge of allegiance every morning at a Sunset Park school.

On Monday, P.S. 169 principal Eujin Jaela Kim told parents their children could not say the pledge or celebrate Christmas and other holidays.

In an email obtained by staff at P.S. 169, Kim apologized for the confusion over banning anything related to religious holidays. Kim says she indicated that guidelines were written by the Department of Education not the administration at P.S. 169. The clarified guidelines were sent out to staff in the same email. 

A Department of Education spokesperson says there was a miscommunication and the issue of holiday celebrations at the school has been cleared up. The spokesperson also says the school is no longer prohibiting the pledge of allegiance, which is now being announced on the school's PA system.

PTA President Mimi Ferrer says she wants to continue working with P.S. 169 administration to foster a better relationship with parents in order to avoid any confusion in the future