SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Brooklyn parents are shocked at news of enrollment cutbacks at schools they claim were difficult to get into in the first place.The Department of Education (DOE) has re-evaluated its construction plan. They say changes to previous plans were made based on enrollment, population trends and new development. The results have major cutbacks at some districts and added seats in others. District 15 will see an increase of 441 seats and District 20 will get an increase of 329. However, parents in District 21 and 22 are shocked that their district could lose more than 1,200 seats each. They say this will escalate an already uphill battle of getting their children placed in proper schooling. The DOE says plans are re-evaluated every year and this year's plans are not final. Each Community Education Council will be holding hearings on the changes and parents are welcome to attend.The DOE adds that Brooklyn high schools are being assessed separately and are not included in the new plan. The DOE also says it plans to build eight new high schools in Brooklyn.