BROOKLYN - Beachgoers are being cautioned not to swim in the water off two spots in Brooklyn.

The New York City Department of Health says swimming and bathing is currently not recommended at Kingsborough Community College or Gerritsen beaches due to the finding of a bacteria commonly found in seagull droppings.

"We believe that the water quality is being impacted by seagulls congregating on the beach," the DOH says in a statement. "Kingsborough Community College has been informed and it is taking remedial measures to try to reduce the number of birds on the beach."

Tests conducted in June showed high levels that prompted the city agency to issue the advisory. Gerritsen Beach has no signs indicating the advisory, but a spokesperson says it is still in effect. For about six days in June, Kingsborough's beach was closed but has since reopened.

The water will continue to be tested each week. Kingsborough advises people against going in the water until the bacteria levels decrease.