BROOKLYN - Two FDNY firefighters finally got the chance to meet those whose lives they helped save with a bone marrow transplant Friday.

Firefighters Fredrick Perdue and Michael Wilson came face-to-face with Jonathan Ragland and Amy Alcorn, who were in dire need of bone marrow donations at the time.

Perdue donated to 35-year-old Ragland, a father of two from Kentucky who was diagnosed myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disorder that slows the regular production of blood cells, in 2006.

“It gives me the opportunity to actually see my kids grow up,” says Ragland.

 Wilson’s donation in 2010 went to 47-year-old Alcorn, who is from Pennsylvania.

Officials say the FDNY has been a huge asset for bone marrow and stem cell donations, with over 8,000 firefighters joining the potential donor list over the last 20 years.