BROOKLYN - The state Department of Transportation testified Monday before the City Council Transportation Committee with findings that showed structural deficiencies in some Brooklyn and city bridges.

DOT officials found that 11 percent of bridges citywide were structurally deficient and 65 percent of highway bridges were functionally obsolete. One bridge that fell into the category was the Brooklyn Bridge. Certain council members, however, called the testimony jargon.

Some council members say the terminology used by the state DOT is misleading and causing concern where there shouldn't be. City DOT officials agree, saying the findings just mean that a component of the bridge needs maintenance. They say the number of poor bridges has decreased over the last 10 years while the number of good bridges has increased.The city DOT says more than $2 billion will be invested in additional capital reconstruction projects for city bridges in the next two years. Included in the project are the Willis Avenue Bridge and the 153rd Street Bridge in the Bronx.

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