DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - The city?s Department of Transportation says it?s putting a plan in motion to alleviate traffic and dangers for pedestrians around the Atlantic Center.

The DOT?s plan is expected to add more time to traffic lights so that getting across Flatbush Avenue will be less frantic for pedestrians.

"It's a little dangerous,? says Anthony Banks, about crossing the street at Flatbush Avenue. ?The light changes kind [of] fast. They should put more time on it, give the pedestrians time to walk across."

The DOT is also planning other changes such as turning Hanson Place into a two-way street between Ashland Place and South Portland Avenue. The change is expected to expedite the flow of traffic into the area. Third Avenue is also being converted into a one-way street from Atlantic Avenue to Flatbush Avenue.

The plan is expected to be implemented in November.

Hanson Place & Third Avenue SafetyImprovements