GREENPOINT - Renovations are ahead for the well-traveled, deteriorating Kosciuszko Bridge that connects Greenpoint to Queens.

The nearly 70-year-old bridge carries thousands of vehicles over Newtown Creek daily. "It's all potholes. It's rotting away ? believe me ? it's very bad up there," driver Robert Alfredsen says. Francisco Segarra, who works near the bridge, agrees. "Without a doubt, it needs renovation. Come around 7 [a.m.], two highways merge right around the Kosciuszko and you're not going anywhere," Segarra complains.

The state Department of Transportation is considering 26 plans to fix the structure. They range from patching holes to adding more lanes to constructing a new bridge.

Area storeowners worry alternate routes during construction will cause traffic tie-ups, taking a toll on their bottom lines.

While the DOT does not plan to begin work on the project until 2011, the agency is accepting comments on the numerous proposals until May 25.