BROOKLYN - The New York City Department of Transportation is conducting a study on ways to reduce traffic congestion on Church Avenue and improve air quality in the area.

The study comes out of the DOT?s awareness of the growing the problem. The road is jam-packed with cars, buses and pedestrian crowds. DOT officials even labeled the stretch of Church Avenue between McDonald and Utica avenues a ?congested corridor.?

"I feel sometimes frustrated,? said one driver, ?Because I have my car, and it takes a long time to get where you want to go."

Local residents support the DOT?s plan to dissolve congestion. Some believe one way to do it is to put more buses on the street, encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home.

The DOT would like people to get involved and share their comments and suggestions on how to improve Church Avenue on their Web site.

Citywide Congested Corridor Study: ChurchAvenue, Brooklyn