BROOKLYN - Supporters of the Dream Act say they are disappointed by its excision from the state's budget.

State legislators reached a multibillion-dollar deal over the weekend, but the Dream Act was noticeably left out. The state's Dream Act, which differs from the federal Dream Act, would allow eligible undocumented college students to receive financial aid.

News 12 spoke with 18-year-old Guadalupe Mueller, an adamant supporter of the act, about what she plans to do now.

Mueller, who is technically undocumented, says that it was a dream for her to attend college ever since coming to the United States from Mexico. She recently started her first year at Guttman Community College with the goal of becoming a college advisor for high school students.

The Sunset Park resident is on a hunger strike along with other undocumented immigrants, or "Dreamers," as they are called. She says that she is committed to the cause and fulfilling her goal of completing college.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement that although the Dream Act was not passed, he fervently supports it.