BROOKLYN - A Bedford-Stuyvesant mother is outraged after she says the school bus dropped her daughter off at school 40 minutes early Friday and left her there unattended in the pouring rain.

Rasheeda White says her 11-year-old daughter, who has autism, was dropped off 40 minutes early on Friday by Y and M Transport, the bus company that brings her to school every day. Usually she is greeted by school staff, who brings her into the school, but since the driver arrived early on Friday, there was no one waiting for her outside the school. According to White, her daughter waited in the pouring rain until a school employee noticed her outside.

White says her daughter requires constant supervision and should not have been left outside a closed school.

Community advocate Tony Herbert says the incident should never have happened.

"Everybody that's responsible for the education of this child has a role to play in her safety and once that bus drops off, there needs to be a coordinated effort with the school as well to ensure the safety of the child," says Herbert.

News 12 called the school bus company twice and received no response.

White says she's called the company more than a dozen times to speak with a supervisor, and so far, hasn't received an answer, so she has been taking her daughter to school on her own.

In a statement, the New York City Department of Education told News 12 that it is investigating the allegation and will ensure that it is addressed properly.

The department added that all attendants working on Department of Education buses are trained on how to care for students with specials needs.