EAST FLATBUSH - A mother in East Flatbush says her autistic son was handcuffed by police and taken to a local hospital without her knowledge last week after he “acted out” on the school bus home.

Carline Augustine says the school bus driver turned off of his route and brought her son, Alex, back to AHRC Middle High School last Wednesday. She says school officials didn’t want to take him back and instead called police, who handcuffed him to a stretcher and took him to a local hospital.

Augustine says she received a phone call after the incident had transpired. She doesn't understand why the school wouldn't take him back in and why they didn't call her first instead of calling the police.

The “acting out” incident was not detailed.

News 12 reached out to AHRC Middle High School officials who said they could not comment because the incident is being investigated. A representative from the school said everyone followed the proper procedure.