EAST FLATBUSH - Frustrated parents in East Flatbush are demanding the board of education expand their children?s school, which has so little space that students have to be bused to a learning annex and take classes in trailers.

Parents and members of the PTA say first-graders and kindergarteners are bused each day from P.S. 135 to a learning annex almost two miles away. In addition, fifth-graders are forced to take classes in trailers the school has placed on the playground. According to parents, the school lacked space for the last 12 years.

?It was supposed to be a temporary situation where they took the kids there with the intention to put an addition onto the school,? Anastatia John-Davis, PTA president, says.

Budget cuts will prevent the school from adding an extension soon, though the PTA and board of education say they are working to resolve the problem.