BROOKLYN - An East New York coach accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his team maintained his innocence Tuesday.

Karim Seabrook is the former coach of the Team 12 in the AAU youth basketball league. The team says he disappeared last week with at least $30,000, which was to be used to travel to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas.

News 12 spoke with Seabrook via Skype, and he claims that the $30,000 to $40,000 never touched or went through his hands.

He says the team raised nowhere near the amount of money reportedly taken, and the he was only present for an initial payment of about $140.

Seabrook says he was forced off the team and then went to St. Louis to start his own youth organization. He also says he never moved out of Brooklyn, and he plans on coming back next week.

The coach confirms that he turned off his phone because he did not want to have contact with his team or organization.

Police say they are investigating the allegations against the coach.