BROOKLYN - A group of artists and activists have put up a hologram in honor of Edward Snowden, just a day after the city removed a statue of him. 

As News 12 reported, a giant bust of Snowden was erected by another group of artists at the Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument in Fort Greene Park, which honors victims of the Revolutionary War. 

The statue was quickly taken down, but just as quickly, the Illuminator Art Collective projected an image of the sculpture into a cloud of smoke. 

The organization said in a statement, "Our feeling is that while the state may remove any material artifacts that speak in defiance against incumbent authoritarianism, the acts of resistance remain in public consciousness, and it is in sharing that act of defiance that hope resides." 

Many people in the community are not happy with the statue or the hologram, including the Society of Old Brooklynites, which said artists should have chosen a different venue rather than a sacred site.