BROOKLYN - A Bed-Stuy woman says she's been living in horrendous conditions at her New York City Housing Authority apartment for weeks because of a major bathroom leak.

Edwina Huntley says her living conditions deteriorated at the Louis Armstrong Houses to the point that she had to go days without showering. Huntley says a waterfall started to flow from her upstairs bathroom down to the bathroom below on June 4, and lasted more than two weeks.

The leak became so severe that the roof started to crumble and fall.

Repairs are now underway after News 12 Brooklyn made a call to NYCHA on Huntley's behalf. A crew came to fix the leak, but a large, gaping hole remains in the ceiling.

Huntley is grateful she can shower again, but says she won't be satisfied until her ceiling is back to normal. News 12 reached out to NYCHA again to see if and when it will fix the ceiling, but has not yet heard back.