BROOKLYN - Borough President Eric Adams stood alongside an open casket at Borough Hall Monday morning, calling for an end to deadly gun violence.

Adams says for the next five days the coffin, which has a mirror on the inside, will remain in front of Borough Hall.

He says the mirror inside the coffin symbolizes those who have lost their lives to gun violence and that the next person inside could be anyone.

The coffin was placed outside Borough Hall at the beginning of Monday morning's news conference after a violent weekend.

Adams says, "When a bullet is discharged from a barrel of a gun it does not discriminate. It will take the life of anyone that it hits."

The conference kicked off the Take Five to Stay Alive campaign, which Adams says hopes to inspire debate, discussions and action.

Many people walking by the coffin stopped to express their concerns with a variety of issues including the recent spike in gun violence.

City leaders are calling on everyone to work together, and hoping the coffin will make people realize changes need to be made.