BROOKLYN - Chief Assistant District Attorney Eric Gonzalez will continue to hold the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney, as had been requested by the late District Attorney Ken Thompson.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that he would not be appointing a new District Attorney and that instead, it was Thompson’s wish that Gonzalez remain in control. 

Thompson died of cancer just over a week ago.

"Ken Thompson established a new model at the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office," Cuomo says. "His focus on proving innocence as well as proving guilt set a new precedent. His legacy should be the continuation of that model, and his selection of the person who should run the office in his absence -- his No. 2 -- should be honored."

"I am deeply honored to be able to carry out District Attorney Thompson's vision of equal justice for all in Brooklyn, and I pledge to continue his criminal justice reforms," Gonzales says. "I am fully committed to the important initiatives that we have put in place and will work every day to keep the people of Brooklyn safe."