BROOKLYN - A former staffer for Councilman Charles Barron had to be removed from chamber floors by police officers Wednesday.

Viola Plummer, who formerly served as the chief of staff for Barron, was removed from the chamber because she is technically no longer an employee of the City Council. After being escorted off the floor by police, Plummer moved to the balcony where she sat with Councilman Barron for part of the meeting.

Plummer was fired by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for a controversial statement regarding the ?assassination? of another council member. She has since claimed the assassination remark was pertaining to the councilman?s career and not his life.

Plummer is currently filing a lawsuit to challenge her firing and win her job back. Her lawyers say she will be back in court August 24. Councilman Barron says they will be asking Council Speaker Quinn to testify.

AP wires contributed to this story.