BOROUGH HALL - A Borough Hall photography exhibit hopes to pair foster children with loving parents for the holidays.

The Heart Gallery has paired up with the Administration for Children's Services to create the annual Heart Gallery NYC. The exhibit features pictures of 50 hard-to-place foster children.

Organizers hope people will see the gallery of smiling faces and inquire about the kids. The project is designed to help some of New York City's more than 17,000 foster children.

"When I was a little girl, she used to do drugs," says Shanta, a child featured in the exhibit, about her birth mother. "She really abused me."

A 15-year-old boy named Rey is also hoping to find a happy home. "You'll see other kids going home ? and you can't go home because you got nowhere to go," Rey says.

Officials say even if people can't adopt the children, they can still mentor them.

Professional photographers donated their time to participate in the exhibit. The gallery of pictures will move to Kings Plaza Mall in early 2008. A display will also be set up at the Brooklyn Aquarium next spring.

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