BROOKLYN - A Home Depot employee is giving tips to help prepare for the spring allergy season.

Juan Rosas says the first step in combating spring allergies is to keep dirt and pollen out of your home by purchasing a door sweep. The sweep goes at the bottom of a door, where there may be space that allows a draft inside. Rosas says the material of which the door sweep is made will prevent any pollen from coming in.

If the pollen has already made its way inside, Rosas recommends buying an air purifier. He says the device will clean the air inside a home of any pollen or pet dander.

According to Rosas, it is also important to make sure your air conditioner’s filter is clean. He says the filters should be cleaned every couple of weeks by running it through hot water. The metal coil located behind the filter should also be cleaned of any dust.

Another problem area for allergy sufferers is mold on bathroom tiles. Rosas says that if mold is present, it may be necessary to re-grout. This is accomplished most easily with a grout saw, which is used to scrape off existing grout. He suggests re-grouting a bathroom every three years.