BROOKLYN - Brooklyn parents say they explain the best they can when it comes to telling their children about mass shootings like the one in Orlando.  

Experts say it is hard to protect children from the details, especially in a social media age. They say it is best to address the issue. 

Dr. Audrey Walker, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says meeting your child where they are in development is key.

She says when talking with children, it is best to leave politics and opinions behind.
"That aspect of what adults are talking about or thinking about should not be brought to children, regardless of what your feeling is about the politicized aspect of this issue," says Dr. Walker.

Dr. Walker also says it is important for parents to ask their children what their questions and thoughts are.

"What allows a child to develop well is to feel that they're safe, that the world around them is safe," says Dr. Walker.