BROOKLYN - Temperatures climbed into the 90s over the weekend, and there seemed to be no relief in sight Monday.

Experts say keeping cool isn?t just a good idea, it could save lives. Residents are urged to stay out of the sun or just stay indoors. Experts say if residents must be outdoors, they should drink plenty of liquids and wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Those residents venturing outside should also lather up the sunscreen and wear sunglasses.

In high temperatures, residents are also urged to check up on children and the elderly.

Con Edison also has some tips to conserve energy in the extreme weather. Con Ed officials recommend turning off air conditioners when not at home. They also say residents should make sure the filter on the AC is clean before running the unit. All heavy appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, should be run in the morning or at night.

Residents who are unable to keep cool in their homes should head to a local cooling center.

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