GREENPOINT - ExxonMobil could face another lawsuit to the tune of about $12 million over its handling of the decades-old Greenpoint oil spill.

Environmental group Riverkeeper plans to sue, saying the oil company is violating federal law by dumping toxic water into Newtown Creek. Riverkeeper says the toxic water comes from a pump that is being used to clean up the estimated 17 million gallons of oil the company spilled in Greenpoint. According to the group, former Governor George Pataki (R-NY) agreed in 2005 to let the pump operate under less stringent state standards instead of stricter federal law.

Riverkeeper argues the Clean Air and Water acts have not been enforced at the site. ExxonMobil reaffirms its treatment system is in compliance with state law. The company has 60 days to respond to Riverkeeper's intent to file a lawsuit.

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