BROOKLYN - The view from inside one Brooklyn synagogue is now more radiant than ever.

Members of the F.R.E.E. of Brighton Beach Synagogue are celebrating the building's new glass dome.

The new structure was installed to replace the synagogue's original glass dome, which was installed when the building was built in 1929. The dome was damaged in an electrical fire 28 years ago. Heat from the fire bent the metal frame of the glass ceiling, but it continued to hold up until three years ago, when it started to fall apart and left a hole in the ceiling.

In addition to being damaged in a fire, the synagogue's basement was also flooded in Superstorm Sandy. Rabbi Dovid Okonov says the new dome represents the message of persistence.

"The message is we don't stop the history of the Jewish people," Rabbi Okonov says. "We went through fire and water and we didn't stop."