BROOKLYN - Some F train straphangers are asking the MTA to explore the addition of express service on tracks that sit unused at the downtown Carroll Street station.

Commuters argue it's inefficient to have tracks at the station that trains don't use, considering the many stops the F train makes.

Gary Reilly has been leading the charge for change. He's gathered more than 2,000 signatures online. Advocates have even gained the support of several City Council members.

"Everybody that's far out in Brooklyn on this line is going to get as much as 20 minutes cut off ... their commute," Reilly said of the plan.

MTA officials are considering the change, but add it would be pointless to add the service then immediately take it away. They cite planned construction at the station that would force the agency to shut down express service.Many riders told News 12 Brooklyn they understand the reasoning and would support skip-stop service as an alternative. Under that plan, the MTA would continue to use local tracks, but would skip some stops at peak times.