BROOKLYN - Two charter schools in Brooklyn are closing their doors for good at the end of this school year due to poor performance.

One of the schools is Fahari Academy Charter School in East Flatbush. The city says only 10.5 percent of students there tested proficient in English, and only 12 percent were proficient in math.

The other school, Ethical Community Charter School in Bed-Stuy, didn't perform much better. A little over 12 percent tested proficient in English and a little under 12 percent tested proficient in math.

These low scores, combined with high teacher turnover rates, is forcing the schools to close down. Fahari Academy has struggled in the past, but the Department of Education gave it the 2014-2015 school year to improve. That did not happen, and now almost 400 students in grades three through eight will have to move to other schools.

A few of the parents told News 12 Brooklyn that they are angry at the city's decision.

The board chairman at Fahari Academy says he is frustrated and confused by the decision because he feels the school has been improving in other ways. He did note that about 30 percent of students are English language learners or receive special education.

He says that last year, a majority of the eighth-graders were one to two grades behind. The city will be working with these students to place them in other schools.

Elementary age students will be transferred to their district schools.