BROOKLYN - A Sunset Park family says they were abused and arrested outside of their home for no apparent reason.

The Acosta family says that on Sept. 4, they were sitting on their stoop when officers from the 72nd Precinct approached them about a burglary in the area.

In a YouTube video released by El Grito, a police watchdog group, yelling and screaming can be heard as Elena Acosta and her son Darryl are seen being handcuffed and taken away by police.

The family says that the NYPD used force in the process. They also say both Elena and Darryl had bruises on their bodies.

They say a total of three family members were arrested and face a variety of charges, including burglary and assault.

The Acostas say they are innocent and are being targeted. They say that the same type of incident occurred in 2003.

The family says that they were falsely arrested and abused by officers from the 72nd Precinct. They say they filed a lawsuit, won a settlement and also say that all charges were dropped.

The NYPD has seen the video and tells News 12 that the incident is under internal review.

The watchdog group El Grito says some of the same officers in the Sept. 4 incident were also involved in other acts of police brutality.