BROOKLYN - Family members of a young girl who died last week say her death could have been prevented if a police officer had acted quickly.

Michael Ojeda, father of 11-year-old Brianna, says his daughter suffered a severe asthma attack last week in Carroll Park. His wife frantically attempted to call Long Island Hospital.

Ojeda says his wife took their daughter out of the park and attempted to drive to the hospital. Trying to avoid traffic, she turned illegally down a one-way street.

An officer then stopped her and asked her to wait for an ambulance, Ojeda says. As his wife attempted to leave, the officer pursued the vehicle. Brianna Ojedas died by the time her mother reached the hospital.

According to the family, the officer could have prevented her death by allowing Brianna's mother to drive to the hospital.

The Department of Internal Affairs is investigating the incident.