MIDWOOD - A Brooklyn family claims that indicted attorney Steven Rondos stole thousands of dollars from their elderly mother.

According to Jasmine Skeete, Rondos stole at least $20,000 from her mother Virginia after the attorney was given guardianship of Virginia?s bank accounts. Rondos was appointed by the court in October of 2007 as a supervisor for incapacitated individuals.

Skeete says the guardianship put Rondos in control of Virginia?s property and finances, including her house in Crown Heights. Skeete?s attorney says there is currently no concrete evidence that Rondos stole money, though once the guardianship was terminated after Virginia passed away in December, there was a discrepancy of at least $20,000.

Skeete says she and other family members applied for guardianship, but were deemed unqualified for the position.

Rondos? attorney did not return calls for comment. The New York Office of Court Administration says it will move to have more thorough oversight of legal guardianship cases in light of Rondos? indictment.