BROOKLYN - A 17-year-old Brooklyn girl with diabetes and bipolar disorder has been missing since Sunday, according to her family.

Ivy Diamond Koulis was last seen leaving Mike's Diner in East Flatbush.

She had gone there for dinner with the family, and her grandfather owns the establishment.

Surveillance video shows her leaving her seat in the dining room around 3 p.m. Witnesses say she told family members she was going to use the bathroom.

In the video, Koulis' grandmother follows her, but as they're returning to their table, the teen leaves through the back door.

Koulis is around 5 feet tall, weighs around 200 pounds, has black skin and brown and purple hair. She was last seen wearing a blue checkered shirt and has multiple scars on her left arm.

The family and police are asking anyone with information on Koulis' whereabouts to call police.