DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - The widow of the man fatally shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in East New York plans to sue the city.

Wenona Small is seeking $25 million, calling his death an unjustified killing.

Delrawn Small was killed during a traffic confrontation with Officer Wayne Isaacs early in the morning on July 4. Footage from surveillance cameras in the area shows Small approach the vehicle and then stumble after being shot.

Investigators initially said that the shooting happened after Small attacked Isaacs. Isaacs, who claims the shooting was in self-defense, has since been reassigned to desk duty.

“We want justice so this doesn't happen to anyone else's family,” says Wenona Small.

Wenona and Delrawn Small were not living together and had filed for divorce, but her lawyer says they were reconciling. Delrawn Small was in the car with his girlfriend and three children at the time of the shooting.