BROOKLYN - The family of the man who died in police custody say they want federal civil rights charges brought up against the officers and EMS workers involved in his death.

Eric Garner's family, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton, went to the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Eastern District in Downtown Brooklyn to plead their case Friday.

"There can be no doubt based on the video tapes that clearly the EMS workers and the other police did nothing intentionally to stop the illegal use of a chokehold, and there can be no doubt that a chokehold was used with intent," said Sharpton.

Garner died in police custody after one of the officers used what appeared to be a chokehold to subdue him. The practice is banned by the NYPD.

Earlier this week, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced a top-to-bottom review about how officers are trained to use force, and if necessary, he said the entire force would be retrained.

In response, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said, "Our members need effective, clear and precise instruction regarding how to safely arrest an individual who is physically resisting that takes our officers out of harm's way, both physically during the arrest and legally after the arrest. Otherwise, the job of a police officer will be impossible to do."

Garner's family wants to meet with the Staten Island DA to find out what role his office would play if there was a federal case.

News 12 reached out to the Staten Island DA’s Office, but it would not comment on the case.

Garner's family is scheduled to attend a rally for the National Action Network in Harlem on Saturday.