BROOKLYN - The family of a Brooklyn woman who died in police custody in July held a press conference today, calling for an independent investigation of the NYPD.

On the two-month anniversary of Kyam Livingston's death, family members and community activists demanded a criminal investigation into the police officers who they say refused to help her.

Dozens gathered at the corner of East 18th Street and Church Avenue to show their support for the family and their outrage about what they say they believe is a police cover-up.

Led by Livingston's mother, son and sister, they marched throughout the neighborhood where Livingston grew up.

The 37-year-old mother died while being held at Brooklyn Central Booking. The family says other inmates said Livingston cried out for medical attention for hours, claiming immense stomach pain and diarrhea, but the witnesses say police ignored her until it was too late.

The autopsy results have not yet been released, but police say she had a seizure and died at the hospital.

An attorney for the family says they will bring a civil case against the city, but they also want a full criminal investigation and videos of the cell released.

The family has also started a petition demanding the NYPD release the names of the officers they believe are responsible for her death.