FLATBUSH - A family is searching for their dog after they say a dog care service lost their 3-year-old Chihuahua while they were away on vacation.

According to the family, their dog Coco was picked up Thursday from their home by Pet Buddy Services in Flatbush. On Friday, the family received a call from the owner of the company saying that their dog was missing.

When they heard the news, the family rushed home early to search for Coco. They posted fliers and searched throughout the Flatbush neighborhood for their pet.

On Sunday night, the family received an invoice from Pet Buddy Services for $80. Pet Buddy Services says that the bill was sent automatically, was a complete error and that the family will not have to pay it.

The owner says that he is truly sorry for all of trouble that the incident has caused and that the employees in charge of Coco have been fired.