BROOKLYN - Family members of man who has been missing for weeks say they haven't given up hope they will find him.

The family of Cesar Ortiz, 51, put up fliers around his Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and in churches, the latter being a common hangout spot.

Ortiz's brother Jose told News 12 he has schizophrenia and hears voices when he doesn't take his medication.

The family discovered Ortiz was missing when one of them went to visit him and noticed a sign on his caretaker's door from the New York City Marshals Department.

They say Ortiz's caretaker was being evicted. The caretaker allegedly told them Ortiz was put in a hotel in the meantime, but when the caretaker went to back to the hotel, he was gone.

News 12 reached out to the caretaker, who says there was an agreement to move, but declined to comment further.

Officials say a police report was filed with the 77th Precinct last week.