BROOKLYN - The family of a man who died of a heart attack after the NYPD mistakenly raided his home says they are suing the city and the police department in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Carlos Alcis, 43, died in the hospital from a heart attack in August. The family says it was caused by the police raiding his Brownsville home looking for a cellphone thief.

The Alcis family filed a notice of claim of the impending lawsuit seeking $10 million.

News 12 reached out to the city about the lawsuit and a spokesperson said they had not yet reviewed the notice of claim, and they also described the case as a tragic situation.

Back in August, the NYPD told News 12 that officers had knocked on several doors in the neighborhood, and not just Alcis' house. Authorities also said that an officer called 911 when Alcis started having a seizure.

But the family says the police delayed calling for help and when they did, they sent an ambulance to the wrong place. They say it took almost half an hour for the ambulance to reach him.