BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn family has heat again after temperatures dipped into the bitter cold Thursday.

Jennifer Rivera called News 12 Brooklyn to complain that her public housing apartment in the Pink Houses on Linden Boulevard has been without heat for several days.

She said ice even formed on the inside of her windows. The tenant said she slept with layers of clothing and had to run her oven for warmth.

According to Rivera, who lives with her 11-year-old son, her complaints to 311 went unanswered until after she contacted News 12.

The city logged more than 700 heating complaint calls for Brooklyn Wednesday and more than 2,000 citywide by 1 p.m. Thursday.

During the day, landlords are required to keep the heat inside at 68 degrees when it's below 55 degrees outside. Overnight, landlords are required to keep the indoors temperature at 55 degrees when it's below 40 degrees outside.